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Results from District  Region 3-2A Cross Country Championships on 10/25/2017

Boys team finished 9th out of 11 teams with a score of 250  (41+43+48+52+66)

43/41 Will Harris 22:35.23 PR
46/43 Mason McGraw 22:38.77 PR
53/48 Tristan Gavin 23:12.90 PR
57/52 Derryon Gray 23:21.55 PR
79/66 Luis Allen 24:44.84
85/71 Dalton Luke 25:12.61 PR
88/72 Peyton Kennedy 25:25.45 PR
100 Jonathan Minchew 27:06.29
114 Kolby Dearman 30:40.98

Girls team finished 9th out of 10 with a team score of 203 (13+32+41+58+59)

13/13 Kaleigh McMahan 24:00.96 PR
35/32 Claire Thornhill 27:06.63 PR
45/41 Anna Claire Brewer 28:06.23
74/58 Halle Kate Smith 34:57.07 
75/59 Anna Elmore 35:01.49 
81/62 Kaylee Covington 39:08.32
82/63 Skylar Glenn 39:20.45

(The first number listed is overall finish in relation to the field, the second number is where their finish counted toward team since only top 7 for each team count and only top 5 are added)

Lots of PR (personal records) were set yesterday and the district meet is definitely a good time to do it. Really happy to see so much improvement from start of the year to finish, and really happy for Kaleigh after just missing out on all-District last year to get it this year. Congrats all runners on a lot of hard work and a good year. I’ll get word out whenever we get a date set for banquet, but it may be a while with basketball kicking off. Thanks all parents especially for all you’ve done to make this another successful year!